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The KNX People’s Choice Award Contest will run from the 25th of January through the 29th of February 2016.

The KNX People’s Choice Award winner will be announced at the KNX Top Event during the trade fair: light+buiding 2016 in Frankfurt (Germany) on the 15th of March. Before this date neither winner nor votes will be made public.

How to register

Before being able to vote you will be requested to register. This registration is free and it is needed as a verification of the authenticity of the vote.

In order to register and participate to the KNX People’s Choice Award Contest:

  1. In the email field, enter your unique email address.
  2. Complete the Password, and Password confirmation fields.
    Note: We will not share this private information with third parties.
  3. By registering you consent and agree with the Terms and Agreement Condition of the KNX People’s Choice Award Contest
  4. After registering you can immediately cast your vote, no confirmation email is sent.

All accounts with false names and incorrect data will be deleted, along with their votes.

How to Vote for Projects

Simply click the Vote button next the project you wish to see as a winner. You can either vote directly in the project overview page or open a specific project description and vote there.

You can only vote once and choose only one project. Take care you pick the right one, no votes will be reset when you pick a wrong one.

How to share the competition and your choice

To share the contest with your social network, click one of the social media icons (Facebook or Twitter) that will appear after making a vote.

Price for voting

KNX Association will give away ETS5 Professional licenses to 3 people who have participated in the voting process. The people will be randomly picked after the end of February and notified by email.