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Alibaba Beijing Office Block (31 floor)


Type of building Business enterprise
Number of KNX devices 5200
Summary Alibaba is China's largest Business Company, is currently the world's largest IPO market value of the company. The Alibaba Beijing office block locates in the lately planned grand Wangjing business area, Chaoyang district. It sits in the south west corner of the joint of northeast 5th Ring and the Airport Express. The project has ground area as 53,545.19 sqm, unit construction area as 35,196.97 sqm, total 88,742.16 sqm. More than 8000 people will work in this building. There are totally 31 floors with first floor as lobby, second floor as showroom, third floor as data center, 15th floor as executive floor, 16th floor for electricity conversion, 17th floor for meeting rooms, 30th floor as club, 31st floor for high level management team, and all left ones as office floors.
Main technical highlights 1.KNX system and enterprise management system docking KNX System has been integrated with OA(Office Automation System) & ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. For example, the staff can book the conference room through the OA system. Information after approval, they can swipe into the designated meetingroom etc. 2. Each person can control their own lighting, ac etc. by smartphone. There are nearly 5000 mobile to control the KNX system. 3. Automated system, provide office efficiency, comfort and maximum energy efficiency。
Benefits of KNX • Permits integration of other systems • Large installation • Meets the tough demands of whole building for a high degree of reliability • Automated system for maximum energy efficiency • Flexible: easily modified and optimized • Systems can be controlled and operated from a central point • Mobile operation via iphone/ipad/android smartphone • Decentralised system incorporating a wide range of applications • KNX integrates all building services • Noticeably improved comfort for occupants • Increased safety and security • Remote control and maintenance • Redundant control system
Which functions were realised with KNX Selected KNX components: Schneider: Switch/Blinds actuators, multi-sensors, weather sensors, presence detectors, Dimming actuators,fan coil actuator, etc. D-Controls: KNX-IP gateways, KNX-RS485 gateways, KNX-RS232 gateways, gateways for meeting system, fire extinguisher system, bms system, OA/ ERP system, Remote Control Apps, Remote Cloud Server, etc. Apple:ipad Central Software: Winswitch
Lighting on/off,dimmer,Current detection; Smartphone remote control lighting; Automatic operation through logic; Work with other devices; etc.
Shutter control on/off,Adjust the angle of the shutter; Smartphone remote control shutter; Automatic operation through logic; Work with other devices; etc.
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning AC temperature,mode,fan speed control; Heating temperature control; Smartphone remote control AC/Heating; Automatic operation through logic; Work with other devices; etc.
Alarm Systems knx system integration of fire extinguisher system.
Smart Metering PM2.5, Temperature, Weather, Presence sensor, Humidity, Electric current, LUX Value.
Audio / Video Video present on iPad though D-Controls KNX-IP gateway and D-Controls Plus Apps for iPad.
Interfaces with other systems Meetingsystem, BMS system, Fire extinguisher system, OA system, ERP system.
Remote Surveillance/Control Smartphone remote control, remote control though D-Controls Cloud Server Technology.
Other applications Winswitch for central control software, Logic and timing, OA and ERP System integrated to KNX System


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