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Type of building Single-family house
Number of KNX devices 34
Summary Our customer contacted us begin 2015 while he was already renovating his more or less 50 years old house located in the country side of Wallonia (Belgium). The customer had a short (10k€) budget in order to incorporate home automation on top of its electrical installation. Deadline of project was October 2015. Customer set as objectives the facilitation of the day-to-day living of its family (with 2 teenagers), as well as a focus on energy savings. As far as our vision also strongly focus on ergonomy, with the motto “any visitor, no help!”, we designed the project following that objective. We also attach great important to the integration of the alarm system as far as it provides pretty useful information for automated scenarios. Blue-Home is a very young integrator which started in January 2015. We are 2 electronics engineers working after business hours. We worked in close partnership with an electrician without any experience in KNX for cabling and placement.
Main technical highlights 1. Versatility. Customer had a clear vision on design of its house. The use of glass push buttons has quickly become a clear choice. We proposed many designs from different manufacturers. Customer has guided its choice on the basis of cost and affinity. 2. Flexibility. During cabling, customer asked to change location of some components. Electrician was therefore able to meet demand at a very low incremental cost. We also were able to easily foresee future extensions. 3. Transparency. We faced an issue during commissioning that we were easily able to solve thanks to appropriate diagnostic tool
Benefits of KNX KNX has been a logical choice for this installation given the number of functions incorporated in this project. The use of MDT glash pushbuttons has given us the opportunity to provide a high-end multiroom heating management at lower cost than any other proprietary system and with nice compromise on ergonomy (e.g. labels). Moreover KNX has allowed us to cope with major changes during the course of the project. Indeed, customer announced in the mean-time the need to manage 8 additional shutters and some additional lights. Polyvalent and small sized actuators from Zennio helped us to meet this c
Which functions were realised with KNX Sensors -MDT Glash PB (with temp) -Zennio Z41 (global ctrl) Zennio MaxInBox16 -On/off lighting (40) -Dimming (4) -Control of shutters (12) -Control of air extractors (2) MDT heating actuator -8 zones + in cabinet Integration with Satel KNX alarm system -Lights/shutters are managed when customer is absent, in case of intruders or fire detection, motion detection in case of entry, ... Lifedomus -Staircase lighting automated on solar and shutter positions. Local off (in each room) and global offs (we separated lights and shutters to avoid unwanted behaviors) -... -Remote control
Lighting Zennio MaxInBox16 for on/off lighting (40 zones) Zennio DimInBox for dimming (kitchen, 2x living room, cinema room) Lights are controled through use of push buttons (17 glass, 4 mechanical, 4 IP6x devices). Lights are also controlled through remote app (lifedomus) and/or automated (alarm system, solar position, shutter position)
Shutter control Zennio MaxInBox16 for shutters (12 shutters) Individual control is done on smartphone/tablet app (lifedomus) and on some push buttons. ZEnnio Z41 is used by customer for global control. Global shutter control on push buttons in some rooms. Shutters are automated when alarm system is armed.
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning MDT heating actuator is used for the control of eight 230V NO valves. 4 modes are commissioned in actuator. Heating is controlled by individual calendars in lifedomus as well as on the status of the alarm system. Air extractions (3) are timer-based in bathrooms (2) and WC (synchronized with light on mode).
Alarm Systems Satel INT-KNX-2 component has been used in the project. Currently alarm notifies arming status (absent, night), intrusions, fire detection, motion detection in entry hall when entry timer is pending. Glass pushbuttons are allowed to arm alarm. Disarming not allowed in Belgian law. Satel INT-TSG touchscreen is also used to open/close garage door as well as to notify closed status. [this is an independent garage whose customers has no indoor access].
Technical Surveillance We monitor the KNX bus using ETS4 and 5 remotely (though KNX/IP tunnel). We also currently participate to the beta testing of We added this project in order to monitor the KNX bus during the first week of customer use. This has allowed us to observe bounce issues on some glass and mechanical devices. We were therefore able to immediately resolve the issue. We also monitored the KNX bus in order to ensure the quality of our automated processes.
Smart Metering Due to budget restriction, smart metering is not performed. Nevertheless Lifedomus is logging cumulated on-time of lights, position of shutters and status of heating system. Customer is able to analyze statistics. Energy consumption can therefore be computed. Nevertheless an extension of our contract foresees electrical power measurement as well as oil level measurement. Customers is also willing to build a swimming pool for which we are going to perform smart metering.
Audio / Video Although we installed audio/video items, they are currently not integrated. Nevertheless customer will shortly acquire Sonos driver license for lifedomus. He owns two sonos devices.
Visualization Zennio Z41 is used for global control in the living room. This allows for instance customer to close or open all his shutters (or only some part of it). It also allows him to increase bathroom temperature before going and wash. A PoE android tablet will be installed soon with lifedomus app. Unfortunately due to delay, manufacturer was not able to deliver it in due time. This tablet will be put off when customer is absent in order to reduce energy consumption as well as to increase security.
Remote Surveillance/Control Lifedomus is used for remote control (smartphone and tablet app). We set up a Windows server at our office with an ETS5 license in order to monitor bus remotely during 2 weeks. See also technical surveillance here above.


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