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Type of building Education
Number of KNX devices 11
Summary Within the Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit, in our center of Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi in Milano, we have recently built a Computer Assisted REhabilitation (CARE) Lab. Aim of the lab is to administer computer mediated rehabilitation sessions to young children with motor/cognitive impairments in an interactive and engaging manner. Since we designed the lab to minimize the setup burden (and time) needed by therapist, we decided to use a KNX bus to control the rolling shutters and the lightning of the room, composed by three different group of lights: little spot lights on the ceiling (that might resemble the “stars” effect), four different WRGB strip led on each side of the room (length 5 m), and four main lights for the full room enlightenment. To achieve the full control over the KNX devices, while keeping simple for the operator the selection of the use scenarios, we introduced a TCP/IP-to-KNX Gateway, and we developed (using C#) a simple parser.
Main technical highlights Simplicity, Robustness, Expandability
Benefits of KNX -) Simplicity in coordinating different devices with a single approach -) Simplicity for the therapist that do not need to learn how to adjust several different devices one by one -) Robustness of the overall solution -) Expandability for future devices, not solely related to the enlightening area, but also related to multimedia and feedback devices.
Which functions were realised with KNX Switching ON/OFF and dimmering the several light groups, controlling the rolling shutter, simple light control by means of two different groups of switches. A complete remote scenario controller, realized by using Falcon Libraries and C#, needed to reduce the technical complexity of the lab and making it easily usable by therapists.
Lighting three groups of lights: -) four main lights -) a set of small dot lights -) four strip LED WRGB lights used to modulate the athmosphere
Shutter control two shutter control of the room
Interfaces with other systems KNX to TCP/IP Gateway, needed to control the whole device set by simple commands issued on a tablet


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