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Casa Aude


Type of building Single-family house
Number of KNX devices 63
Summary Casa Aude is built on a 1406 m2 beach-front property located in Playa del Coco in the province of Guanacaste Costa Rica Your house-your home...this was the basic idea behind the design of Casa Aude: a futuristic 577 m2 residence, offering the perfect combination of functionality, comfort and beauty to create a home that is exceptionally pleasant to live in. The unique location was chosen by the owner himself as his own private home. He contacted a team of Belgian and Costa Rican architects to create this exclusive villa that meets the most demanding European standards in terms of both comfort and quality. Modern and stylish. These were the key concepts in the design. An ingenious blend of design features, selected materials and refined surfaces make Casa Aude an example of modern architecture. The owner wanted nothing but the best in terms of technology and functionality running in the background of a user friendly integrated system.
Main technical highlights 1- the high-end design aspect with sensors by Basalte and LED lighting by Deltalight 2- the advanced audio functions with the Asano system by Basalte 3- the scenario driven intuitive human interfaces and advanced IP connectivity
Benefits of KNX -intuitive control of the human interfaces, -advanced integration of all of these "things of KNX"... -working with scenarios including lights, multimedia, A/C and other connected "things" -presence and absence automation for irrigation, presence simulation, Eco-mode for A/C, motion detection will switch between light operation and burglar alarm -savings on water bills by using the knx data of the weather station to intelligently control the irrigated zones in the garden and green areas. -ease of access to the house with a video doorcom system by Siedle with fingerprint reader for the locks.
Which functions were realised with KNX -Network access with IP control and IP router by Berker and ayControl for the mobile devices. -Lighting control with switch actuators by Zennio, universal- and 1-10v dimmers by Berker and KNX to DMX interface by bab-tec -A/C interfacing with IRSC IR interfaces from Zennio. -Audio distribution with components from the Asano gamma by Basalte -Push buttons by Berker, room controllers from Zennio (ZAS), touch sensors by Basalte (Sentido and Deseo) -Motion sensors by Zennio (Quad) -Logic control and timers with Berker IP control, Zennio MaxInBox and Berker Master Control -I/O inputs from Berker
Lighting 100% LED lights switched, dimmed and RGB controlled by means of universal- and 1-10V KNX dimmers and KNX to DMX interfaces
Shutter control Future application (pre wired)
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning ducted evaporators and split units controlled with IR interfaces.
Alarm Systems KNX motion sensors, PB interfaces, actuators and a non-KNX GSM communicator, KNX touch panel and IP interfaces with visualizations on mobile devices and fingerprint readers to control the alarm.
Technical Surveillance presence simulation and pre-wiring for DVR camera system with Internet access.
Energy Management occupancy driven A/C-, Light- and Audio- management as well as a smart irrigation system.
Smart Metering will be implemented as photovoltaic panels are installed
Audio / Video Audio distribution over Cat5 Cobranet Basalte (B&O) amplifiers in 8 rooms (living room is 7.1 ready) with many source connections as Smart TVs with optical Audio on the N1 Input modules and iPad frames by Basalte... Video can be streamed from iPads and smart blue ray player to the smart TVs, as well as the camera image of the door com
Visualization IP control and IP router with ayControl and Master Control touch panel.
Interfaces with other systems A/C with Zennio IR interfaces, DMX with BaBtec interface, Siedle, Cobranet with Basalte, and others via I/O interfaces
Remote Surveillance/Control Both, via above mentioned IP devices and Siedle IP module.
Other applications Irrigation via weather station, logic and Actuators / Pool pumps control with timers and manual control over KNX


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