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Castle Biljoen


Type of building Residential Building - Other
Number of KNX devices 5100
Summary Castle Biljoen lies between the Veluwe and the IJssel near Velp in the Netherlands. This Noble House from the 16th century was rebuilt by Alexander van Spaen (1619–1692) into the present day castle with four equal corner towers. The owner " de stichting Het Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen" has started the last renovation in 2013 till 2015. All original elements are renovated. The family that rents the castle has a number of wishes before they signed the contract. The comfort, security and energy saving of this century must be integrated in the castle and the technical installation that make those wishes possible must be future proof and reliable. The owner has one big statement, it is not permitted to make holes or adjustments in the construction. And the nwe installtion must not be visible for human eye's.The domotica installation for climate, lighting and security must be wires otherwise it is not possible te make this.
Main technical highlights The amount of rf components (415 pieces) The combination from TP and RF products KNX RF make it possible to have comfort/security and power saving for a Historical building.
Benefits of KNX The amount of rf components (415 pieces) and the combination from TP products with the opportunities of logic to make energy saving possible
Which functions were realised with KNX Climate control with woodstoves Climate control for every room Climate airconditioning Mitshibushi and KNX Humidity control All datapoints has a trend and are visible in the HC Living iPad/iPhone App The whole installation can be controles threw internet grounddtection Gate control IP camera system with alarm and preset from inputs KNX system Pool control Security entry system Hidden TV systems behind paintings are controlled with KNX out and inputs Hidden Jacuzzi under water controlled threw KNX Water detections on KNX Electrical Curtains
Lighting With Hager RF components
Shutter control With Hager RF actuator
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning Intessis gateway for the aircontioning ABB 0-10 volts input for control and trend the power consumption Arcus EDS temperture and humidity measurements Theben CO2 measurements Schneider homeLYnk server
Household Appliances Elevator for the dinner plates Firestoves with ventilation control
Alarm Systems Alarm system with grounddetection threw digital inputs on KNX
Technical Surveillance iPad/iPhone and html visualization with HC Living or Schneider homeLYnk server
Energy Management every room can be set to comfort/standby/holliday setpoints for the climate. Not possible to heat and cool at the same time
Smart Metering kWh electrical Flow of the cv system
Audio / Video stand alone but it is possible to control the muziek system threw KNX
Visualization HC Living form our own company Hevac Controls.
Interfaces with other systems Mitsubishi airco system Mobotix IP camera's Axis IP camera BACnet t/ KNX with the Schneider homeLYnk
Remote Surveillance/Control HC Living or HTML with the Schneider homeLYnk
Other applications 90% KNX wireless!


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