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Energieströme im Plus-Energie-Haus


Type of building Single-family house
Number of KNX devices 75
Summary Since 2006 we build on our house which is suitable for everyday life. Since then we record all consumptions of our house. It means that each single load is monitored and recorded every minute. There is no difference between electrical and thermal loads. The data are displayed on our website. Thus you get on that site information on the real consumption of devices, hidden standby consumers, the influence of the behavior of the users and the saving potential of an intelligent home control. We can simulate every imaginable case and every interested person can ask how certain factors will influence the consumption. Of course also operating hours can be retrieved, e.g. to prove the profitability of LED lights. Unfortunately we have just now problems with our webserver, because we are changing the concept. Thus at present only little information is available. We work on the solution of the problem.
Main technical highlights Current measurement in the switch actuator without the need for additional space and without additional energy consumption Multiple functions allocated to push buttons including the measurement of the room temperature (1 cable, all functions) Locally separated actuators and sensors have to be connected only by one cable. - very clearly arranged infrastructure
Benefits of KNX Current measurement of every single load with negligible own energy consumption of the measuring device and integration into the switch actuator -> highly compact multifunctional device. The solar thermal system, M-Bus (heat pump), EnOcean and 1-Wire can easily be integrated. An intelligent control driven by the demand can be realized without any problems. By the bus the installation work is drastically reduced. Push buttons for lighting can get multiple allocations – important for many functions. Scenes can be activated; an “Exit” button in each room switches off all electrical circuits in the room.
Which functions were realised with KNX Current measurement by MDT actuators with measuring function Push buttons of MDT in glass design with room temperature measurement. Integration of the solar thermal system by EIB-Interface (Technische Alternative).
Lighting Lighting control by push buttons - classical Lighting control by push buttons - scenes -> As a result the TV and the subwoofer are switched on and the shutter is moved down at the same time. Random control during the holidays (presence simulation) Timer control of the exterior lighting (astro function)
Shutter control Storm position for shutters and blinds The shutters are partially moved down in case of rain to protect the windows against rain In summer shading in case of sun and high room temperature Timer control
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning Adaptation of the ventilation speed according to the air quality. Concurrently the savings in comparison to a fixed rotation speed can be evaluated due to the integrated current measurement.
Household Appliances Due to the current measurement the status of the washing machine and of the tumble dryer can be read out and displayed. In order to enable energy efficient showering also the usage of the flow heaters can be displayed. They are used if the water in the buffer tank is to cold.
Alarm Systems A 1-wire bus transmits the data of the i-buttons to the home control system. Thus it recognizes if one and who is just at home. The display informs on the status of the alarm system (armed, triggered, tamper alarm...).
Technical Surveillance RCDs and MCBS are monitored by 230V binary inputs. If one of them is tripped, it will be indicated at the display. The same applies for the PV system.
Energy Management Loads, which need not necessarily to be switched on, like e.g. a washing machine, are activated in case of high power supply of the PV system.
Smart Metering Each single socket outlet, each single lamp is measured and monitored. This applies also for the heating load of each single room and the status of the windows. In the same way the temperatures of freezer, sauna, pool, whirlpool, buffer tank etc. are measured. All values are retrieved every minute and transmitted to the webserver.
Audio / Video Is in planning phase.
Visualization There are two wall mounted displays in the house. Operation and retrieval of data is also possible at any time by smart phones and tablets.
Interfaces with other systems EnOcean, 1 Wire, M-Bus and solar thermal system (3xUVR1611 from Technische Alternative) are integrated.
Remote Surveillance/Control Please refer to visualization.
Other applications The publication of data on a webserver enables all interested parties to evaluate the energy consumptions and in addition hints for them are provided.


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