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Feuerwehrstützpunkt Forsthaus West Bern


Type of building Commercial - Other
Number of KNX devices 620
Summary The former base of the fire brigade of the city of Bern had been constructed in the 1930s. A new area round the western regions of Bern has been provided for the necessary new construction. The intervention of the fireman has to be guaranteed round the clock on 365 days. Therefore a fire station is not only a working place but also a second home for the firemen during their 24 hours shiftwork. Thus the new building serves as fire station, platform for professional training, workshop, recreation room, deployment center and storage facility. It is occupied continuously while providing the highest degree of standby service. The new construction consists of several buildings. The central element of the new group of buildings is the logistics center with the large vehicle depot in the ground floor, the operations center in the intermediate floor as well as offices, dormitories and recreation rooms in the floors above. In the basement are located the parking lots and the technical building systems.
Main technical highlights - KNX is responsible for all alarming functions (activation of lighting, doors, sound system, traffic light control, optionally optical / acoustical alarming when an emergency call is received in the mission control center) - Visualization of test alarms, transmission protocols and settings - KNX serves as central interface mission control system, sound system, telephone system, parking facility management and access control system.
Benefits of KNX The KNX system is connected to the mission control system. In case of an alarm the dispatcher defines which fire fighting vehicles and firefighters have to move out and enters the data in the mission control system. The data are forwarded to the KNX server and a predefined sequence is activated: corridors, dormitories and recreation rooms switch to alarm lighting, the red flashing light of all KNX push buttons is activated, the task force is informed by the sound system, in the vehicle hall the doors are opened and the traffic lights on the main street switch over to red. The time between the activation of an alarm the departure of the task force is evaluated.
Which functions were realised with KNX DALI-Gateway: Siemens Multimedia-Gateway: AMX Push buttons: Feller Visualization: Feller Facility Server Actuators MDRC: ABB Sensors MDRC: ABB Actuators FM: Siemens Shutter actuators: Schenker Storen Weather station: Schenker Storen Presence detectors: Züblin
Lighting All lighting fixtures are controlled by KNX, in most cases by DALI-Gateways. In addition the lighting system is used for alarming purposes. In case of an alarm each second lighting fixture in the corridors and in the recreation rooms is darkened, in the dormitories one lighting group will be switched on in a dimmed state.
Shutter control Automatic shading system with summer / winter mode
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning Forwarding of fault signals to the mission control center.
Technical Surveillance Control if the emergency service vehicles are placed in the allocated parking lots due to connection to the parking facility management system.
Audio / Video Connection to the multimedia system in lecture room and mission control center.
Visualization During revision work of the mission control system KNX is able to operate as alternative control system for the alarming. The visualization serves for tripping test alarms at the mission control system and at the sound system and is logging the protocols of the data exchange between the systems. In addition delay times in the alarm chain can be adjusted to the needs.
Interfaces with other systems - Mission control system - Sound system - Telephone system - Parking facility management system - Access control system - Traffic light control system - Audio/Video (AMX)
Other applications In case of failure of the KNX server or of the mission control system an emergency operation is possible by KNX. By means of it simplified alarm lighting can be activated, all doors can be opened and the traffic lights can be switched to red.


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