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Foyer des élèves du Lycée Colbert


Type of building Education
Number of KNX devices 20
Summary It is the home renovation of Colbert High School students from Lorient, throughout the study and implementation of the electricity lot (electrical panel, lights, alarm, energy metering, sound system etc ...) were assigned to three students (2nd year) of the BTS Electrotechnical high school. This project allowed these three students to get their higher technician diploma in June 2015. The choice of using the KNX standard was made because the Colbert High School is a KNX certification center and this therefore allows a showroom for promotioning this technology with professionals from the region (craftsmen electricians, integrators ..) and our KNX trainees.The overall budget of the project was € 40,000, including € 20,000 for electrical installation.
Main technical highlights This home is in a building that has also recently been renovated and has low power consumption, it was necessary to design this home, taking into account energy efficiency. The KNX standard was therefore necessary. In addition, we wanted a local communicator for remote control and install an intrusion alarm.
Benefits of KNX This project was primarily educational, so it would allow a group of students to work on the KNX standard. They discovered by themselves the benefits that KNX solutions compared to "traditional" solutions. The project was ambitious enough that these students have a clear vision of what can offer the KNX standard such as: - Easy wiring - Scalability - Ease of management - Interporabilité
Which functions were realised with KNX - Lighting. - Alarm. - Sound broadcasting commands - Supervision (Web server) - Heating (being processed) - Energy metering (Electrical energy)
Lighting In this room, we have: -21 LED tiles (Dali) -Two billiard Lighting (Dali) -2 BAR Lights on variation -1 Lighting area on variation -2 RGB tapes with indirect lighting -1 RGB spot area for mood lighting -1 RGBW spot line for accented lighting of a mural fresco. Which gives at the level of the cabinet: -2 Double 300W dimmers Zennio -4 RGB Actuators Zennio -A DALI gateway SCHNEIDER And for controlling a Z41 Zennio LED tiles can be controlled by variation depending of the contribution of natural light automatically
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning Heating control is in progress, the choice was set on the Thermostatic valves from THEBEN (CHEOPS drive KNX) on 5 radiators.
Alarm Systems A burglar alarm was installed with a self powered indoor siren, the system includes: - A central ABB MV / S4.12.2 - A siren HAGER - Activation / deactivation switch KEY - Send to EMAIL in case of tampering with the Web server - Use of presence detector KNX THEBEN
Technical Surveillance A WEB server (Schneider HomeLynk) was implemented for remote monitoring and supervision. It also allows the historical energy consumption, the occupation of the room temperature, brightness .... Scripts have been made to manage certain scenarios and sound broadcasting
Smart Metering Power consumption is measured on the three phases using tori (KES Zennio), it is displayed on the Z41 as well as on the Web server.
Audio / Video The management of the sound broadcasting of 3 is made via KNX, the choice fell on the material of the EISSOUND brand with a KNX gateway. From the WEB server or Z41 you can: - Adjust the volume - Select the audio source (possible 4) - Adjusting the bass and treble and loudness ....
Visualization Supervision is done by the web server, it allows you to see the status of each of the bright spots, alarm, temperature, sound broadcasting. Some data can be saved over 10 years like energy consumption for example.
Interfaces with other systems Two interfaces to other systems were used: - A KNX / DALI gateway (Schneider MTN6725-0001) for controlling DALI ballasts 23 - A Gateway KNX / RS232 for sound broadcasting
Remote Surveillance/Control There are three possibilities to connect remotely: - The Web server using Internet Explorer, - The Z41 Application for a copy of it on tablet or smartphone - It has also installed a MyLifeDomusKNX gateway for remote operation with an Android application and IO


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