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Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin


Type of building Leisure
Number of KNX devices 1200
Summary Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin is situated on the North Sea beach of Noordwijk amidst the north or Queen Wilhelmina Boulevard and the Zuiderzee or Queen Astrid Boulevard, opened in 1885 as the first hotel for tourists. It laid the foundation for the development of Noordwijk as a famous resort. The hotel is located directly on the beach and has its own heliport.
Main technical highlights • Virtualization of the fire panel • Virtualization of the KNX system • Link to the Hotel Management System • Database for the faults and messages • Database for 'Facility services' • Database for "HACCP" (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)
Benefits of KNX One operating platform where independent engineering staff may operate the system. Efficiency in daily work because the systems run together.
Which functions were realised with KNX Climate control systems (HVAC) controls by the Synco700 Fire Panel (No KNX) but with OPC connected to KNX. NetX OPC / KNX gateway is used for the interface between KNX and the fire panel. Gira home server t.v.b. link with PMS (hotel reservation system) Jung probes behalf emergency calls coming in on the fire panel. These will be by means of gira home server redirected to the protofoons Controls (TBV fire panel) Visualization (Facility Servers System components (power supplies, Line Links Binary inputs (TBV failures and reports) Energy actors (current monitoring Google Translate voor bedrijven:Translator ToolkitWebsite TranslatorGlobal Market Finder
Lighting The entire hotel is equipped with KNX for switching the lights. DMX and Dali and RGB controllers are used for these controls.
Shutter control The rooms can be equipped with an electric operated blinds and / or blackout It is important, however, that this is clearly communicated to the end user. Sun protection, which is arranged on the outside of the facade is usually automatically controlled then this can take place e.g. by means of a weather station. The blinds on the inside and / or electric curtains, etc are made operable in the room.
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning Climate control systems (HVAC) controls by the Synco700.
Household Appliances here is a door position signaling on the door of the 'mini-bar' that is registered, or a tenant uses the minibar. When opening an outside window, the air-conditioning system is switched to "absent". This is to prevent unnecessary use of air conditioning. Once a guest has left his room (checked) there is a message to the 'Housekeeping' that can instantly clean the room. - If they encounter a defect or other maintenance, they can enable the technical service. - When housekeeping is finished with the room, the super visor gets a message so that it can inspect the room. - Only the supervisor can give approval to the work. And the room working to re-let.
Alarm Systems The Fire Panel 1000 is full of reports linked to knx. Panic button in the rooms directly linked to the radio staff.
Technical Surveillance Faults are displayed in a central fault visualization. Messages are transmitted by radio, SMS or email. Brand messages and emergency alerts are also reported and visualized.
Energy Management The chambers are provided with a so-called. Transparent energy measurement system. The dimming actuators give their hours of operation and the current temp. is continuously saved. And a relationship is provided between: - The signaling of an open window, - The air conditioning system, - The room reservation system (rented or empty) - Presence (in the energy-saver card). The lifespan of sustainable lighting has been associated with the use and consumption. During a warm period can, if necessary, divide the cooling capacity of the rooms.
Audio / Video Coupling made with audio system from Bose. Through the knx sensors or a music visualization can be operated in the public areas.
Visualization A visualization as eVizion which is provided by InstaVer is often built up a separate control layer across the various systems. Thus, it remains more or less freely in the application of the various systems such as: - Hotel reservation, - Room access / modify RFID, - security and all these other things. Different user groups can be made so reception, housekeeping, room service, sales and especially the management get an optimal picture of what is happening in the hotel. The information can be done through modern media such as text messaging, email, text messages pop radio messages in I-Phone, Android devices, touch screens, etc.
Interfaces with other systems Link to fire panel via KNX / OPC gateway • Link to hotel booking • Linking with radio • Link to Bose • Linking with Priva • Linking with databases
Remote Surveillance/Control The building should be equipped with the necessary fire protection eg. Smoke detectors, manual call points but also sprinkler extinguishing systems etc. These systems are often provided by third parties. In particular, should the hotel room, as required, be provided with a smoke detector with a signal generator. Instaver has different types of coupled systems which create an adequate warning to every one staying in the hotel and especially with the possibility of some manufacturers to use the mostly poor, is a much faster response time possible.


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