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Headstart International School, Phuket


Type of building Education
Number of KNX devices 150
Summary The system is based on intelligent management of air conditioning. The temperature of the classes is adjusted according to activity of the students. The temperature recorded during pauses. When students comes back to the classrooms the temperature slowly decrease to create a healthy atmosphere. Finally at the end of the day, all of the A / C are stopped automatically. This allows energy savings (28%) and provides a healthy work environment (not too cold after breaks). Teachers still retain final control of the temperature in their classrooms by setting an offset relative to temperature calculated by the system. Also the lights and a call functionality (nurse or cleaner) are managed by KNX, either via a touchpad or directly on the teacher's PC (clean development in .Net C #).
Main technical highlights 1) Integration of air-conditioners 2) Communication with a Windows PC application via KNXnet / IP (possibility of developing an application easily and quickly to meet exactly the customer's needs -> Falcon .Net) 3) Possibility of extending the system in the future thanks to the distributed system (sports hall, outdoors, libraries, ...)
Benefits of KNX 1) Energy savings : 20%, depreciation of the installation in 5 ans 2) Consistency in the classrooms: A/C (not too warm,not too cold), Call Button (the teacher remains in the room, the nurse comes instead) Centralisation: Switching on and switching off of central heating and lights.
Which functions were realised with KNX In the classrooms : - Air-conditioning - Lights - Call for nurse of cleaning staff
Lighting - 2 zones (ON/OFF) per classroom - Controlled via a touchpad (Zennio TMD6) or Windows application on the PC of the teacher - Centralized control (ON/OFF> all buildings or per zones)
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning - 1 to 2 A/C per classroom. - Controle of the temperature (via basic temperature + offset) - Basic temperature varies depending on the day (4 zones: foundation, primary, secondary and Art/Music/labs) -> Zennio Z41 and chronothermostat - ON/OFF from touchpad or Windows application - Ventilation speed from Windows application - Centralised commands (ON/OFF)
Alarm Systems - Call for nurse of cleaning staff - From the Windows application - Discharge of the call from the touchpad or Windows application - Display of the calls on the LED panel - Display of the calls on a specific Windows application
Smart Metering Preliminary test with a classroom equipped with "smart A / C" and a classroom not equipped. 28% energy saving
Visualization Display of the Nurse/Cleaner calls Definition of the basic tempoeratures according to the timetables Centralised commands
Remote Surveillance/Control Troubleshooting application of the installation allows the maintenance crew to view the setpoints, offset and status of the fan coil valves for diagnosing KNX installation without any knowledge. Windows GUI application (specific development)


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