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Isar 125


Type of building Apartment Building
Number of KNX devices 754
Summary M-CONCEPT builds two residential buildings in terraced style on one of the rare premises directly located at the banks of the river Isar. 10 condominiums with large balconies, terraces and gardens offer an unobstructable view to the “Englischer Garten”. - 10 luxury condominiums - underground parking - direct access to the banks of the river Isar Equipment and highlights: - timeless architecture in first row to the Isar - energy efficient KfW 70 standard - only 10 condominiums in two buildings - room heights of up to 3,0m - inner doors with special height of 2,50m - high-end design of the bathrooms - open fireplace - bus system based on KNX technology - 2 large parking lots per condominium - and much more..... Further key figures Provision: no buyer’s provision Energy data Type of energy pass: energy demand certificate Final energy demand: 19,7 kWh/m²a
Main technical highlights 11 Gira facility servers couple the luxury condominiums among each other in order to: 1. realize a consistent access control system with video in combination with the different alarm systems 2. enable a comprehensive fault monitoring system via the general home server 3. adapt the wishes of the buyers during the constructions phase. Without KNX this would not have been possible, as the demanding clientele expects that every wish can be fulfilled. (what we could achieve)
Benefits of KNX Only by KNX a simple operation of the systems is possible, otherwise such luxury condominiums cannot be controlled any more. Control of lighting, shutters, blinds, curtains and heating and besides others also ventilation, elevators, access control system, door locking, alarm systems in KNX technology complying with VdS regulations, multiple HiFi systems as well as a comprehensive fault monitoring system have been realized. All the LED lighting in the public areas as well as in the condominiums is controlled by several Dali gateways. The shading control for 8 facades is realized in redundancy, assisted by 8 brightness sensors and 2 weather stations and adjustable via the different home servers.
Which functions were realised with KNX Motion detectors and presence detectors from von Gira 21060x, Merten 6325xx ,BEG 928993,1304xx Weather station and wind sensors: Gira 101000, Siemens 5wg12573AB42 MDRC devices: Siemens 5wg1262-1eb01, Gira 103700, 103800, 10700, 216500, 216700, 102300, 103900, 108700, 215800, 216100, 217400,2 18000, 105700 Sensors: Gira 18100, 18400, 2101xx, 111800, 513300, 513600, 5142xx, 5145xx, Basalte 200-02 Functions: Lighting, shutters, blinds, window opening, curtains, heating, ventilation, negative pressure control for fire places, alarm systems VdS Telenot and KNX, smoke detectors and smoke extraction, access control, HiFi B&O, Sonos, Heos, elevator control, fault monitoring
Lighting Dali, switching and dimming of the lighting in the private and public areas, daylight simulation by 4 colour LEDs with Vital LED bands and a homeserver module for daylight control developed by us.
Shutter control Shutters, blinds, roof windows, curtains with sun protection and presence simulation.
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning Underfloor heating, radiators in the bathrooms, ventilation control and switching off in case of negative pressure.
Household Appliances Miele@home Geräte
Alarm Systems KNX via facility server and VDS with Telenot and EIB 400 interface
Technical Surveillance Ventilation, gas boiler, heat pump, circuit breakers, pumping stations
Audio / Video Sonos, Denon Heos, B&O, 1Kino
Visualization Gira Quad Client 10 x for residents 1 x visualization for maintenance purposes with fault monitoring management
Interfaces with other systems Dali, Telenot alarm, heating, elevators, access control systems, Telenot, Simons Voss, facility server
Remote Surveillance/Control 11 facility server with Quad Client


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