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Jinhai Lake Hotel, Beijing, China


Type of building Leisure
Number of KNX devices 1135
Summary Jinhai Lake Hotel is an ultra-luxury five-star resort hotel which is located in Pinggu District of Beijing, China. It is over 14750 square meters built beside Jinhai Lake and includes accommodations, restaurant, business meetings, fishing, yacht dock, golf, jockey club and other entertainment facilities. All 24 deluxe suites and 1 presidential suite (over 700 square meters) equipped KNX system to control lighting, blinds, HVAC, BGM, AV ,VOD system, etc. The KNX system composed of 5 areas and 25 lines, which can be central controlled by visualization software installed in reception desk of the hotel. The KNX system designed, product selected, installed and programmed are all done by young designers, electricians and engineers (after 80’s, after 85’s even after 90’s), this project represents their skills, passions and devotions to the KNX!
Main technical highlights Energy saving , High integration level, A customized KNX system to suit for Chinese customer
Benefits of KNX Highly integration of multi-brand KNX products(Video-star,Tantron,D-Controls,Elvis and Basalte) Flexible and various control methods, To upgrade the level of hotel
Which functions were realised with KNX Lighting(Switching,Dimming,Brightness) Shutter, Scene, Motion control, LUX control, Timing Control, HVAC(4-pipe fan coil), BGM(RS485) Audio/Video/TV/VOD(IR), iPad Control, Central Control
Lighting Switching (switching actuator), Dimming (dimming actuator), Brightness (dimming actuator), Scene (switching actuator ,dimming actuator,push-button), Motion control (motion detector), LUX control (motion detector), Timing Control (visualization software)
Shutter control Short-time operation/stop (shutter actuator), Long-time operation (shutter actuator), Position operation (shutter actuator), Scene (shutter actuator push-button)
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning Fan on/off with status (4-pipe fan coil actuator, thermostat), Heating/cooling switch-over(4-pipe fan coil actuator, thermostat), Fan speed with status(4-pipe fan coil actuator, thermostat), Temperature adjustment (thermostat), Scene(4-pipe fan coil actuator, thermostat), Auto operation(4-pipe fan coil actuator, thermostat)
Alarm Systems Emergency call button connected with KNX binary input can be showed on the visualization software to remind hotel staff in case of emergency situation.
Audio / Video Audio/video realized via IR actuator by learning all IR codes.
Visualization Centralize control via visualization software In each suite, guests can use iPad to control all KNX devices.
Interfaces with other systems BGM system realized via KNX-RS485 gateway, including play/stop, volume, tracks, sources, forward/backward, next/previous, etc, and also integrated into other KNX functions,such as scene or something else.


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