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Type of building Office building / Public building
Number of KNX devices 1884
Summary On the 22 October 2015, Hoffmann A/S delivered the keys to the new Microsoft headquarters in Lyngby and hereby entrusted the building to the new tenants from Microsoft. The building is constructed as two cubics offset relative to one another and fused together. The two cubics constitute a west and east wing of respectively six and seven floors. The two lower floors will be open to the public. Together they cover a U-shaped atrium inside the Building from ground to top floor. The ground floor accommodates an open cafe with technical solutions and a study area. The rest of the building contains offices, conference rooms, course rooms, etc. The atrium is surrounded by a walking area that separates it from the meeting rooms, focus rooms and course rooms. All constructed rooms are primarily with glass walls in order to obtain a better lighting and general comfort. Opposite the numerous meeting and focus rooms, offices are located, adjacent to the building's glass facade.
Main technical highlights *Fully Automatic control of the Building. However, depending on the size and function of the office, it is possible to balance this manually according to individual preferences, either via LIZ (MooV’n’Group) web interface or by using the wall-mounted control panels. *As the only company in Denmark, Hoffmann IBI/BMS has been authorized to use the benefits of MooV'n'Group delivered by Newron Systems. MooV'n'Group would serve as a good pilot project for future integration into the Danish market. *Opportunities to have several systems working together to optimize energy effeciency
Benefits of KNX The building is required to contain a complete BMS installation and must, as a minimum be LEED Silver-certified. Hoffmann A/S IBI/BMS department has managed to not only comply with these requirements, but to insert further efforts in order to make the MSHQ building LEED Gold certified and classified as a low-energy building. The scale and the size of the building. Systems can be controlled and operated from a central point. High air quality, thanks to CO2 sensors. Easily modifed and optimized. User friendly and easy configuration.
Which functions were realised with KNX ABB: DALI/KNX, CO2 sensor, IP-router, Actuators, Blind/Roller shutter, Fancoil controls, Electromotor Valve Drive, Various control panels, Universal interface. BMS: Quadra. Hager: Motion detector. Schneider: KNX FUGA. Servodan: Presence senor and constant light controller. Siemens: VAV compact controller, IP-router, Brightness controller. WAGO: IP-controller, IP-router. Woerts: Gateway MP/EIB. Crestron: AV/Video.
Lighting There is approximately 3,800, low energy DALI lights installed in the MSHQ.
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning With the KNX installation, the Hoffmann A/S IBI/BMS has catered for the climate in relation to thermal conditions, air quality, daylight and lighting. All offices and hallways are equipped with adaptive control and automatic regulation of light, cooling/heating, ventilation and exterior shading according to their location. The majority of the control system is automatic and adapts to the man operation system. As an example, the open plan offices is zoned, and the light is automatically balanced by natural light and activity, which applies to heating/cooling and air quality in the offices.
Technical Surveillance ETS is configured to provide alarms / error messages on several things including elevator stop, temperature outages in refrigerators, the weather station, and pressure switch in the extractor. Temperature logs in fancoil controls forwarded to Honeywell.
Energy Management Three energy meters per floor, (light, electrical outlets and UPS). Automatic sun screening control.
Audio / Video Interface with Crestron
Visualization The control is divided into time intervals that follow the natural diurnal rhythm to minimize the consumption of energy. However, depending on the size and function of the office, it is possible to balance this manually according to individual preferences, either via LIZ (MooV’n’Group) web interface or by using the wall-mounted control panels. Hoffmann-designed user manuals will be available by workstation or installed next to the wall-mounted control panels.
Interfaces with other systems Together with BACnet the KNX/IP communicates with DoGate servers and further on to Microsofts server. Six-way valves, energy meters recieves signals from Modbus. PLC also runs Modbus where signals from the PLC are converted into KNX points. Between the ventilation motor dampers, MP-bus runs controlled via KNX gateway. Crestron, responsible for AV in the auditorium get KNX addresses to control their devices. Honeywell is responsible for ventilation and receives addresses from the KNX via BACnet.
Remote Surveillance/Control For greater safety of the installation, the whole building is designed as one internal network with a closed switch in each wing.
Other applications Following products have been used: • DALI• Control panels• Switch• CO2 sensors • PIR sensors• Fancoil controls• VAV compact controller • Sun screening• Weather station• Gateways• Actuators Products• AV- components• Relays•IP-controller• IP-router• Power supplies• Floor heating systems • PLC


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