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La Verda Suits and Villas-Dubai Marina


Type of building Commercial building - Leisure
Number of KNX devices 6532
Summary La Verda Suits & Villas, located in Dubai Marina, which is an artificial canal city, build along a 2 mile stretch of Persian gulf Shoreline.La verda,5 star suits and villas, provides all modern amenities combined with state of the art technologies in all segments.It is impeccably modern, elegantly furnished with opulent facilities having deluxe category status. KNX system implemented in apartments,suits, villas & Common areas ensures the optimal usage of Lighting & HVAC Systems thereby providing utmost energy efficiency along with enhancing the Guest Comfort. More than 150,000 of Lighting, Blind & HVAC points are being catered with more than 6500 KNX Devices. The system adheres to the International Green Building codes of High Energy Efficiency by enabling optimal usage of Lighting, HVAC by Occupancy, Lux Level, Time Schedule, Manual input and a logical combination of all these parameters.Centralized control with Visualization is provided to ensure ease of use for hotel operator.
Main technical highlights 1)Energy Efficiency-Green Project:KNX ensures optimal usage of lighting & HVAC Systems via occupancy,light level,time schedule,manual input and achieving 30-40% energy savings and enhancing Guest Comfort and convenience.2)Open Protocol-Seamless Integration:The KNX system implemented is integrated with Hotel Management Software,Access Control,Fire Alarm,BMS,parking management and AV System ensuring enhanced flexibility.3)Multi Vendor-Choice of products:To ensure optimization of all customer requirements KNX products from Schneider, EElectron,IPASS,Arcus,Intesis,MDT,ASIN etc have been deployed.
Benefits of KNX The KNX system implemented in this is the state of art system which provides Energy Efficiency at the highest level without any impact on the safety, comfort and convenience of the Hotel Guests and in addition improve the aesthetics of the building . The KNX system implemented is extremely user friendly and as KNX works on distributed intelligence will also ensure high reliability which is mandatory in Hospitality Segment.The entire KNX system can be visualized,monitored and controlled centrally and will provide easy integration to Hotel Management Software Opera boosting staff efficiency.
Which functions were realised with KNX Lighting Control: Schneider KNX DALI Gateway, Switch Actuator, Presence Detector and Lux Level Sensor- Dimming Control:Schneider Dimming Actuator & Arcus Touch Pad, Multifunction Push Button. Blind Control:Schneider Blind Actuator with Presence Detector, Lux level sensor- HVAC Control: ASIN KNX FCU controller with MDT Pushbuttons and thermostats.Daylight Harvesting: Schneider KNX DALI Gatway with KNX Multisensor(Prsence & Lux).Visualization & Centralized Control: Ipass Studio Evolution Software- Integration:Intesis KNX Gateway and IPass Server.AccessControl-Eelectron Esuite &Opera Integration
Lighting The KNX system implemented optimizes the usage of lighting via parameters like occupancy, lux level, time schedule, manual touch or a combination of these by logic function. The lighting of the common areas like Lift Lobby, Corridors & Parking area is enabled via occupancy and timeschedule. Mood Lighting is being enabled inside Guest Rooms as part of Scene control.All ballrooms are equipped with Touch pads to enable Scene control. The fascade lighting is controlled via lux level with DMX control for maximum efficiency.There is centralized control of lighting from the KNX Visualization PC & BMS
Shutter control The Guest Room blinds are all being equipped with motors so as to be controlled from KNX system. The shutter control is done from the intelligent KNX keypad provided in respective rooms. The blinds will take the appropriate position based on the input provided.It can be also be overidden by the KNX intelligent keypad ,from the Touchpanels handheld wirless gadgets and from the central controller software.
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning In the Guest Rooms, the HVAC is being controlled by KNX . Based on the presence in the room, the setpoint is varied and thereby providing significant energy saving. It can also be overridden from the Multi-function switch with Room Temperature controller in every room. Integrated door contacts for balcony and main door provides energy efficient control for HVAC and protection of interiors from moisture. One of the energy saving feature is the control of set point temperature in the Rooms depending upon guest arrival, away and checkout actions. Every FCU is controlled and monitored centrally.
Alarm Systems As the entire lighting system in the building is under KNX . alarm system by third party supplier has been integrated with KNX to match the requirement of safety in case of fire. During Fire Alarm ,KNX based interface switches on all the emergency exit lights and disables air circulation by FCU's. All the exit doors & parking barriers will be kept open automatically.
Energy Management The KNX system implented will ensure highest level of energy efficiency in terms of lighting and HVAC by optimising the usage and ensuring the right light intesity and temperature in all areas at all times. The lighting and AC in all unoccupied rooms will be brought to energy saving level will return to the required level once the guest occupies or returns to the room. Common areas have occupancy sensors strategically located to switch off unwanted lights & AC to standby mode during off peak hours in adherence to the safety norms of the Hotel. Central control ensures efficient energy saving
Smart Metering Smart Metering is achieved in this project via switch actuators and smart energy meters with inbuilt current sensing capabilities and KNX Energy Saver. All values are displayed and being monitored in the central server with graphical indicators showing area wise and location wise consumption. It will also show Average and Total Consumption.Setpoints have been kept to highlight any consumption which is above the proposed limit with alarm indication and provision is given to report to the management. Graphs and Charts showing the trend is also displayed.
Audio / Video The KNX system implemented is integrated to the Audio Video system in all the Hotel Ball rooms, entertainment rooms and meeting rooms via knx pushbuttons and touch screens. The integration is achieved via IP,RS232 & IR.In ball rooms DMX stage lighting ,AV system and blinds all integrated and controlled from KNX Touch Panels. The scene( mood lighting) for presentation, general discussion can be triggered from the AV system which will include lighting, blinds and screens for projection. Public area Audio system is also integrated and can also be controlled from KNX Central Visualization PC.
Visualization The entire project is being visualized at the server level with redundancy at different places to ensure the highest level of control & monitoring.There is a dedicated page for each floor & rooms with status indicators like occupancy,DND, Service call, Actual and setpoint temperatures. The control is also possible for the areas from the respective pages. This will also ensure hassle free maintenance. Navigation is provided from the Home Page to the level of individual circuit of a Guest Room for the ease of users. Power Supply Failure will be raised as an alarm in maintenance PC.
Interfaces with other systems The customer demand in terms of integration in a 5 star property is very challenging and only KNX being an open protocol could comply to the requirement. The KNX system implemented is integrated with Building Management, Access control, AV, Fire Alarm, Security, Central Battery, and Opera hotel management Software.The integration to various systems is achieved via gateways of KNX to Modbus , Bacnet, DMX, IR, Dali ,IP, RS232. Access control is integrated with Lift and Parking Management system which ensures single card entry restricted to parking, lobby, assigned floor and room.
Remote Surveillance/Control Remote surveillance and monitoring is implemented in the central server , which is capable of sending reports via emails/SMS/Whatsapp messages to the Chief Engineer/Maintenance team in case of failures & emergency conditions like shutdown of chillers, lift operation failure, fire and security breach. Average and Total energy consumption can be monitored remotely and reports on failures,alarms & energy consumption etc are sent on daily basis.
Other applications KNX based unique single access card system is implemented in this project. Guest can access the parking area, hotel lobbies, lift only to assigned floor, and entry into the allocated Guest room all using single access card. Also same card can be used to get access to the other facilities like swimming pool, spa, gym and in house restaurants. The same access control is also integrated with Guest Room management for comfort, safety and energy saving. Since the access control is integrated with Opera hotel management software, access levels can be set to guests from the reception desk.


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