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Private residence of Mr Vivek Kalkar


Type of building Apartment
Number of KNX devices 71
Summary The project is to deploy Automation system in 12 rooms,542 Sqm luxurious modern Apartment. The apartment is fully air-conditioned with 20TR of cooling and furnished with multi-level lighting, modern appliances and gadgets in Home Theatre and Kitchen. The brief from the owners and the Architect was to create a comfortable, energy efficient smart home with an emphasis for integrated and intuitive control of all functions from any place within the apartment or remote. KNX standard was showcased and integrated control of equipment’s in the house was proposed by Avon. Owners evaluated various other options like C – bus and Legrand and then having understood the benefits of KNX, took an informed decision to adopt KNX standard. Avon was able to deliver many intelligent solutions to match customer expectation using KNX products from Hager, Zennio, Weinzierl, Inteisis,HDL and Iridium Mobile.
Main technical highlights HL1: Integrated control of Daikin VRV from KNX Push Button and visualisation App using KNX-Daikin interface modules. The room temperature and AC modes are set from KNX Push Buttons with built in Display and temperature sensor and smart phone. HL2: Integrated control of Ceiling Fan from KNX PB and App using our bespoke 5 step capacitor based switching Hardware connected to KNX using certified KNX-UART interface module. HL3: Intruder Alarm solution was realised using KNX input modules and logic functions within the KNX Actuator.
Benefits of KNX Flexibility and expandability of KNX was best used to expand KNX system to include many additional solutions expected by the owner during the progress of site. KNX interface modules for Daikin VRV AC, RS232 and Infra-Red codes enabled us to deliver solutions leading to seamless integrated control and energy savings. KNX-UART interface enabled us to develop a bespoke 5 speed Regulator for control of Ceiling Fans on KNX bus. KNX Push buttons and Visualisation App are configured for ONE TOUCH operation activating well-conceived multiple functions for convenient user interface.
Which functions were realised with KNX We used following KNX devices to realise various solutions: Switching Actuators: Lighting circuits/Power outlets. Phase cut & Analog Switch DIM actuator: Dimming of Lights Motion & Presence Detectors: Motion based actions/scenes. UART interface modules: Ceiling Fan speed regulation. Shutter Actuator: Shades control IR/232 interface: AV equipment integration. I/P module and Actuators: Alarm systems KNX Energy Meter: Metering KNX-Daikin: Climate Control KNX Time Switch: RTC based Scheduling. KNX PB with Display and Temperature sensor for User interaction.
Lighting Apartment is overlooking the stunning 411 acres Green of Pune University. As DUSK approaches, the scheduled lighting scene in the living room is activated with lights moving gradually from Dim to full,blending artificial light with natural light. The Motion/Presence detectors in passages activate light scenes to ensure illumination for safe man movement and save energy by need based lighting. KNX PB and KNX visualisation in each room is used to activate lighting and integrated scenes to set right mood. Voice Command control in visualisation is set to activate select Scenes.
Shutter control The curtains of 14 meter wide window of the living room are provided with heavy duty motors controlled by shutter actuators. As DUSK approaches, the scheduled scene activates the shutter actuator channels and opens the curtains to preprogramed opening. KNX PB and KNX visualisation is configured to enable user friendly operation of curtains in independent mode or group mode. The position of the curtain is easily set with single click. Voice Command control in visualisation is set to initiate OPEN and CLOSE command.
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning 20TR VRV with 9 Nos of Indoor units is controlled from KNX system using KNX-Daikin interface from Zennio and Intesis. User is enabled to On/OFF AC independently or in Scene, Set /View temperature and Change Mode from the KNX PB and smart phone. Energy Saving temperature value is set by the App each time the AC is switched on. The Operating duration of the AC is displayed to create awareness about energy consumption. Error code of the AC unit is displayed in the visualisation. AC is switched off if any door/window is opened. AC can be switched ON/OFF via the voice command.
Household Appliances The Apartment comprises of 4 luxurious modern bath rooms and central 450 ltrs Heat Pump is used to supply hot water . Hot water at desired temperature is circulated in closed loop to ensure instant hot water at any tap in the farthest end of the house. Circulation pump is controlled using KNX actuator and KNX time switch. The circulation pump is switched on periodically to match with usage of the Bathrooms by the owners in Auto mode and user can also start / stop the circulation pump manually from visualisation.
Alarm Systems Basic Intruder Alarm system is built within the KNX system using Actuators and Input modules. The position of Windows and Doors in the apartment are monitored using Magnetic Contacts .Motion detectors placed in the corridors for lighting control double up as Security sensor when the Alarm System within KNX is Activated (ARMED). The Alarm system User Interface is built in the visualisation and user is provided with all vital information about the Alarm system status. The only limitation in the system is absence of Alarm LOG.
Technical Surveillance The Electrical Mains is protected by MCCB and the alarm contact of MCCB is connected to KNX using Input module and Alarm is visualised. LPG is the preferred cooking medium in Indian Kitchen and hence GAS leak detector is provided for safety and is connected to KNX using Input Module and alarm is visualised. The error messages from AC units are picked up from KNX and displayed in the Technical Alarm screen.
Energy Management The Apartment is within a large complex and hence powered by a Single Managed supply from the complex . All the power outlets, appliances and AV gadgets are powered via KNX actuators and hence power is available at point of use , only when the owners activate the AT HOME scene. This has resulted in significant savings by cutting down on idle power usage by various AV devices and other appliances.
Smart Metering We have provided KNX Energy meter to measure the power consumption and visualised the value. History charts / consumption patterns are not created as the Visualisation App works on BAOS and is not server based.
Audio / Video Family Entertainment room is provided with dual display 4K TV +Projector +Motorised Ceiling mount screen with multiple AV sources. The integration is realised using IR/RS232 interface and controls are visualised on the Iridium App. The basic functions of AV devices are also realised through KNX PB for the convenience of owner’s parents who are Senior Citizens not comfortable with Smart Phone. One touch of a button initiates a series of action to play pre-programmed Satellite channel on TV with Audio volume which is comfortable to them. AV set up in Bedrooms is also controlled via KNX.
Visualization The owner preferred to use Smart Phones over TAB for visualisation. Advanced features in Iridium App like pop ups, Android System integration, Voice commands and Java Script was utilised to build a GUI within the screen size limitation and without compromising its intuitiveness. The advantage of KNX-BAOS interface was visible in speed of operation and feedback. CCTV and IP Video Door phones are integrated in the App on TCP/IP and SIP protocol. Controls from Home network or Remote on 3G is seamless and shift done with a touch of a button.
Remote Surveillance/Control Our approach to project was to deliver all solutions based on KNX Standards and products and no other system like Crestron, control 4 or ELAN was considered. We are successful in meeting all requirements only by using KNX standard.
Other applications Ceiling fan is one of the most common appliances in Indian household and Room Automation cannot be complete without integrated control of Ceiling fan. We were not able to identify any product for this and hence integrated a 5 step Capacitor based fan regulator with KNX using KNX –UART interface. The result was control of Ceiling Fan from KNX PB and visualisation App for switching, Speed change using value transmitter, and inclusion in Scenes. The owners are now able to change the fan speed from both sides of the bed.


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