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Samsung International Show Room


Type of building Business enterprise
Number of KNX devices 75
Summary In this space the premier SAMSUNG clients can live the experience "a day with samsung" this can be possible through a playful jorney where te control and the different scenes have an important role to make your visit a memorable experience.
Main technical highlights 1. interoperabbility between the protocols ex:IP, SNMTP, DMX, Electronics Components (Arduinos), IR, bacnet, RF, etc... 2. easy control between tablets and samsung devices 3. flexibility to making scenes changes
Benefits of KNX The KNX technology has made possible the integration of different systems and protocols needed to interconnect with equipment and samsung technology presentations at the show room.
Which functions were realised with KNX KNX-IP interface to connecting IP AND WIFI for programming and control with mobile devices KNX-DMX interface to control DMX lighting KNX-IR interface to control projector screens APP KNX to control scenes (lighting, sound, shutters, electrodomestics, motors, play touch screens, video contents) thermostats to monitoring and control de climate binary inputs to get arduinos signals and touch screens sensors movements detectors to play lighting scenes dimmers to dimming lighting led strip actuators to control led strips blinds and shutter actuators to control blinds and shutters consumption meter
Lighting lighting scenes throught the differents products presentations. Prescence detectors detects the walking roads and turn on the light DMX RGB scenesfor spectacular lighting All the time the lighting in the show room is a white light and in 5% regulated when you arrive to an island samsung product the light change to 80% and with tablet you can turn on DJ scene (sound and DMX/RGB lighting) For video projections zones trought touch screen or sensors you can play de scene video (turn off the light and shutters, turn on the projectors)
Shutter control There are 20 shutter motors and these can be controlled by sensors, tablets or crystal touch screen. There are scenes for video presentations and scenes for special events
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning There is a minisplits samsung that are controlled by wifi or ir trought KNX, between the tablets or thermostat in automatic mode There are bacnet system by ventilation bulding and it controlled with bacnet-KNX interface
Household Appliances there are washers, refrigerator, minisplit, speakers, and more all of these controlled by an APP KNX throught IP and KNX.
Energy Management you can monitoring the consumption measurement in the KNX APP, and control the consumption, these is an LEED building.
Audio / Video you can control the audio for the differents scenes: DJ, home, phone scene, etc...
Visualization you can monitoring everything with a KNX APP on the tablet
Interfaces with other systems IR-KNX IP-KNX Bacnet-KNX SNMTP-KNX


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