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Type of building Residential
Number of KNX devices 100
Summary Luxury property equipped with systems SMARTMETERING, SMARTGRID, energy management and solar system with assisted storage. All systems are managed from a BMS (Building Management System) KNX. Due to the size of the house (2800m2 liveable and 4500m2 of the garden) it was indispensable the installation of systems to improve energy efficiency. To this must be added that, due to technical problems (lack of network capacity), the maximum power deliverable was 5,75KW in monophasic, while housing has 18KW consumption peaks in diphasic.
Main technical highlights 1- Unification and integration of the control, management and display of SMARTMETERING, SMARTGRID and KNX home automation system, favouring the comfort of the user. 2- Generation system and assisted electric storage: a home that was no able to supply itself (conventional grid) has been equipped with green energy. 3- Improved efficiency in the system of generation and storage of energy (green energy), and reduced power consumption.
Benefits of KNX Unification of all systems available in the house: - Comfort and ease of control of all implemented components and systems. - Increasing the energy efficiency of 90% with an investment of 5% of the total budget. Depreciation in 6 years. - Self-sustaining system, with savings that entails. - Reduced downtime in lighting and air conditioning. - Expansion with new functions of KNX components of more than 7 years already installed. - Easy integration, expansion and modification of components in the house thanks to the distributed topology KNX.
Which functions were realised with KNX - Integration of lighting and blinds with KNX actuators. - Integration of conventional alarm with concentrators E/S KNX. - Intuitive system to manipulate scenes and / or logic with sensors, lighting, blinds, climate ... all from the BMS. - Compatibility with the visualization multiplatform created in HTML with the BMS. - Cave effect in the house using detectors, blinds, weather station and BMS. - Self-learning of consumption habits with BMS. - SmartMetering system with the BMS, KNX and Modbus counters. - SMARTGRID system with HIPONOO360 and BMS.
Lighting - Control and monitoring of all lighting on an individual level and by sector. - Extension of the functions of the KNX actuators over 7 years already installed, such as: the user can modify the delay times on and / or off without opening the ETS. - On and off auto / manual, depending on the conditions of stay.
Shutter control Furniture protection: depending on the sunlight, sun position and use of the room, the blinds are auto adjusted individually to prevent radiation damage furniture.
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning Improving energy efficiency by creating the "cave effect": depending on the sunlight, sun position and use of the room, the blinds are auto adjusted individually creating the cave effect in the house.
Household Appliances Protection against the change of the BYPASS: Before you change BYPASS for any reason, the system detects whether sensitive household appliances and delays the change until it can be done safely. After a timeout and before performing BYPASS, the system warns the user to take appropriate action, and thus make the BYPASS safely.
Alarm Systems Integration of a conventional alarm system of 240 zones alarm, formed by conventional control panel and sensors. The user can enable / disable zones, connect alarm, fire alarms, etc.
Technical Surveillance Visual, audible warning via email and sms of technical alarms of: - Flood sensors in all wetlands - Smoke detectors - Measuring temperature batteries, electronics, solar panels, cables generation and storage system. - The continuous check of generation and storage system. - Excess of energy consumption.
Energy Management Possibilities: - View in real-time the consuming powers in each part. These measures are divided into 24 points, which measure power, voltage, amps, power factor and energy. - View graphs of historical space at any time and trend. - Create power limits, which once exceeded will be notified by visually and via email (you can also configure SMS alerts and acoustic) - Set priority and high loads. - Set your consumption habits to improve the efficiency of the generation and storage
Smart Metering To measure consumption in the building were installed 4 physical counters, thanks to BMS come out 8 in total with 17 points of different energies. The user can view all these measures in 2 formats, real-time graph and summary table mode.
Audio / Video Creation of multiple scenes editable by the user. You can manipulate the weather station, blinds, lighting, movie screen, projector ...
Visualization We have 2 different visualization systems: 1. Touch screens for home automation central controls. 2. Visualization under any type of terminal with Web browser Smartphone, PC, Tablet ... this part is divided into two different accessed with one login: 2.1 Control via automation plan view and table view. 2.2 Control of the whole energy system (SMARTGRID, SMARTMETERING ...) and modules that make it uniquely on a "flow-charts real-time" view and a view type "tables".
Interfaces with other systems The format and mode of access is the same for everyone and with several users at once. Thanks to BMS, all protocols of the system can communicate and interact with each other. In turn, it is the interface to: - Home automation control - SMARTGRID - SMARTMETERING - Generation and energy storage (green energy) - Energy Management
Remote Surveillance/Control The system for monitoring / supervision can be used locally and remotely, is displayed in HTML and in the same format as always. It does not require special application and runs on any browser and device with internet connection (Smartphone, PC and tablet).
Other applications Solar power generation electricity storage (assisted system): - Single SMA cluster with storage and advanced control system HIPONOO (HIPONOO 360). - 3 independent solar plants controlled by HIPONOO (HIPONOO360) - Integration, monitoring and maintenance of the different parts of the solar power plant through the HIPONOO360 / BMS. With HIPONOO360 and BMS we get: - Efficient use of network chargers. - Prevent the system from overload. - Automatically changing BYPASS and deballasting by failure of the control computers.


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