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Type of building Residential Building - Other
Number of KNX devices 227
Summary Probably the house SURA is the most exquisite and most luxurious accommodation in Davos. Situated in an excellent location it offers a majestic sight of the mountains. The living space of 1000m2 – designed by a renowned interior architect – is spread over 5 floors and offers space for up to 20 guests. The concept is simple. An optimally and exclusively equipped holiday villa for demanding customers. Equipped with plenty of first class technology while providing an incredibly modest and simple operation concept. The WEF (World Economic Forum) in Davos waits for top politicians and statesmen. Thus the villa has to offer a place for recreation and tranquility. Already the ride with the cableway – 80 meters and exclusively constructed for the building – is spectacular. If one exits after the short trip, one is really at another place. A top place where high-tech helps to make the stay as pleasant as possible.
Main technical highlights Simple and minimalistic operation facilities in each room for integration across the trades. One can access the house via a private underground cableway. Light, which changes its color continuously from green to orange, accompanies the visitor until having arrived. The lighting control and the control of the cableway itself are integrated into KNX. The wellness area is completely controlled by KNX: The outdoor whirlpool can remotely be filled with water via KNX. It is even possible to drain the water of the whirlpool via KNX.
Benefits of KNX In such a luxury villa a simple handling is essential. KNX proved its optimal suitability for the integration of security, comfort and scenes. In addition especially for this villa unified flush mounted operation panels could be designed. Due to the comprehensive integration of KNX it is possible to prepare and to adjust the house for new guests. Being alone in the house the building owner can send commands via KNX to the badge system. Thus e.g. all doors can be unlocked temporarily.
Which functions were realised with KNX Visualization : Gira Homeserver Interface to ventilation system: Siemens Synco Window control: WindowMaster Lighting control: KNX-Dali Gateway from ABB LED Dimmer: Hager Switch actuators: ABB Heating actuators: ABB RTI interface: iKnix ProServ Motion detectors: Theben HTS Push buttons: ABB (Prion) Shutter control: ABB Communication Trivum: IP Router Siemens Hotel card: Feller Fault monitoring: Binary inputs ABB Touch panel from Apple (IPad) and T2M2 (Windows Panel) Alarm system: KNX-Gateway from Honeywell Weather station: ABB
Lighting KNX-Dali for lighting control Most of the lighting fixtures in the rooms and lounges are controlled by Dali. Scenes, which help to simplify the operation in the rooms, have been integrated in such a way, that they can be adapted easily and flexibly to the needs. The visualization offers simple possibilities to make the settings for the different scenes in the rooms.
Shutter control The visualization is used to set the parameters of the shading control. When setting the different shading sectors the azimuth and the elevation of the sun can be taken into consideration. In addition the shading control takes into account the room temperature. It is possible, that the shutters/blinds are activated only then if the desired room temperature is attained. In such a way the sun helps to warm up the room.
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning The temperature of each room is controlled individually. The visualization controls all parameters. Controlled room ventilation and natural ventilation increase the physical comfort in the house. The parameters of the control system can be set and adjusted via the visualization. Both systems are controlled and monitored by KNX. By means of so-called “boost” push buttons the ventilation can be reinforced in order to exhaust the smoke of cigarettes as fast as possible. KNX controls the steam extraction in the kitchen. If the steamers are switched on, the kitchen ventilation is activated automatically.
Alarm Systems The alarm system has been installed by Honeywell. It operates autonomously, but is connected to KNX by a gateway. All the information on the status of the alarm system as well as on the different sensors like motion detectors and window contacts are forwarded to KNX. This information, e.g. windows open or closed, helps to control the room temperature. If the window is open, the heating will be switched off. In addition the alarm system can be supervised at any time by the KNX visualization.
Technical Surveillance Technical faults and alarms are displayed immediately by the visualization and forwarded by email to the technical service.
Audio / Video The cinema impresses by a wonderful design and is full of technology. RTI and KNX help to operate the system in a very easy way. RTI controls the video system with beamer as well as the sound system and KNX receives and sends the corresponding control commands. The house has got 36 Trivum music zones. All of them can be called up by KNX. In addition the music system together with the corresponding music zone can be stored completely as KNX scene. Thus it is possible to call the requested music channels with the desired loudness by KNX. The settings can be made by the KNX visualization.
Visualization The visualization is controlled by a big touch panel and by different iPads. Thanks to access rights different visualizations can be displayed. A slimmed version for the control is provided to the building owner as version for his iPhone Further a VPN access to the visualization is possible. EIBROM has programmed especially a client for the visualization for Windows and iPad as well as an App for the iPhone.
Interfaces with other systems - RTI control of the cinema - Trivum Multiroom music system - Connection to the cableway controller - Dali lighting control - Honeywell alarm system - Control of whirlpool and wellness system - Indoor elevator for blocking and unblocking floors - Badge reader and door control system for blocking and unblocking - Display of cameras on visualization (12 cameras) - Indoor elevator control - Control of cableway
Remote Surveillance/Control Access to the house is possible by VPN as well as remote maintenance of the KNX system by ETS. Access by VPN is also possible to the door control system, the badge readers, the cameras and to the video server for the cameras. During the operation the KNX telegrams are logged continuously in order to be able to retrieve what did not function properly. Via a support page of the visualization the current status of the records as well as the status of the visualization server can be sent to the system integrator.
Other applications - Monitoring cameras (12 devices) with recorder - Alarm system Honeywell - Ventilation control Synco - RTI cinema control - Trivum Multiroom music system


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