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Torre Pituba


Type of building Office building / Public building
Number of KNX devices 526
Summary Torre Pituba was built to be the new headquarter of Petrobras on city of Salvador state of Bahia/Brazil. Petrobras is a semi-public Brazilian multinational energy corporation. It is the largest company in the Southern Hemisphere and the largest in Latin America. This new building was built to concentrate all city Petrobras staff on a big efficient single tower with 23 floors avoiding the high cost of multiples buildings. The project was designed to be a iconic on new technologies and energy conservation withe LEED certification. Petrobras is famous to be very restricted with it's vendor list. Only very reliable products are accepted. It does not matter if its a offshore platform or a commercial building the products should be approved by their critical engineering team. Apply KNX products inside a Petrobras job was a huge milestone on promoting KNX technologies in Brazil. The KNX technology is new and unknown in the country, reference jobs are key for promotig it.
Main technical highlights - The network architecture was built with isolated buses trough KNX IP routers (one per floor) and a fast Ethernet KNX backbone. This KNX approach brought great speed and reliability to the job. This was essential and a key aspect inside a job with over 50.000 control groups. - Great interoperability among different vendors on the same Twisted Pair sharing the same power supplier and network couplers. - Despite the size of the job the physical installation got very simple and clean. Maintenance and layout modifications would be very simplified during the operation of the building.
Benefits of KNX Using KNX on this project give several benefits like: - Clean and simple installation - Interoperability among different vendors - OPC interface with third party systems - Future proof installation
Which functions were realised with KNX - Facade control and sun tracking with Somfy KNX Animeo - Lighting control with Philips Light Master KNX - Integration between light and shading control trough KNX network. The same presence detector will be used for light control and shade control. - Integration with customer Industrial BMS Software with NETx OPC interface (>50.000 groups) - Integration with Demand Control system trough KNX/OPC - Special scenarios activation on dozen of meeting rooms and inside top managers rooms.
Lighting Lighting control with 220 Philips Light Master KNX for 8200 Dali ballast beside 782 light level sensors and presence detectors for 100% percent of common floor area
Shutter control Facade control and sun tracking with Somfy KNX Animeo. Including 1050 roller blinds,391 KNX Motor Controller (MOCO) and KNX Master controller besides a meteorological outdoor station. Coordination between lighting control and and shutter control allow very specif strategies on the zone level maximizing energy savings and comfort level. Natural light is maximized when the the ambient is occupied and heat gain is avoided when it is unoccupied. At night all the roller blinds will be closed to avoid night light pollution.
Energy Management Besides the strategies for energy conservation with lighting and shutter control on the whole building a energy management was apllied for management of power outages. The building is equipped with power generators which can handle part of the building load. During power outages the lighting control will dim the lights ballast to enable power generators to run. If a power generator equipment fail additional lights are turned off. The communication between KNX system and load control systems is performed trough the NETx OPC gateway.
Interfaces with other systems Integration with customer Industrial BMS Software (Elipse) trough NETx OPC interface (>50.000 groups)sharing all KNX infomation. This includes ballast status and commands, shutters position and commands, weather data among many others.
Remote Surveillance/Control Shutter control are monitored remotely.


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