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Type of building Single-family house
Number of KNX devices 460
Summary Private country house (three floors with basement) with an area of 1800m2 in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. Since the house is not used for permanent residence, requirement of the Customer was the ability to monitor all engineering systems of the house, both inside and remotely. The control system is integrated in all 45 areas of the house (including SPA complex with a swimming pool, home theater, music room, children playroom, 4 bedrooms, billiard room and technical facilities) and in the backyard. Realization of the control system from creation of the project to commissioning took 4 years.
Main technical highlights Maximum energy efficiency provided by the use of led lighting and energy-saving technologies. The customer does not have to constantly think about how to save energy in the home. The system automatically selects the optimal solution Maximum comfort - by high flexibility of the control system. Though the system mutually includes a huge amount of different algorithms the customer is able to change settings of any element of the system at any time Maximum safety and reliability - all vital and security systems of the house are integrated. All messages are displayed on the main control point.
Benefits of KNX In our project KNX was chosen as a central and unifying system in the house. KNX hardware (sensors and actuators) controls the lighting, heating, warm floors, curtains, shutters, swimming pool, power supply, levels in wells, volume of fuel in the tank, etc. All other systems (boiler, main water pump, home theater, etc.) are integrated into KNX by different gateways. The use of the KNX system in the project gave us the ability to integrate almost every system of the house and also allowed the Customer to control any equipment in the house by means of both wall sensors and mobile devices.
Which functions were realised with KNX ABB– system devices; Busch-Jaeger – switches and controllers Busch-prion; Arcus – sensors of warm floors, gauges, KNX-DMX gateway; Intesis - gateways and interfaces for air conditioners, LON and ModBus gateways; Bilton –RGB LED controllers; Weinzierl – remote control and programming interfaces; Evika (Embedded Systems) – multiroom and logics; Jung – weather station and compact actuators, OPC; Gira - sensors for technical areas. Control system has 460 KNX devices and 10 electrical panels.
Lighting All lighting in the house is led based. So as there are lots of different kinds of lightning fixtures we were to use various control protocols such as DALI, 0-10V, triac, DMX, ModBus. Totally there are 280 groups of various lighting and illuminations including 60 groups of RGB LED backlight that create the desired mood by only one key stroke. The lighting system takes into consideration the presence of people in the house, as well as outside illumination.
Shutter control In all areas of the house motorized blinds and shutters are installed. There are more than 80 electric blinds and shutters that are involved in all scenarios of lighting. If any glass in the house is broken the security system gives a signal to corresponding roller-shutters to be lowered.
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning HVAC system consists of 30 independent climate zones where comfortable conditions (temperature and humidity) are guaranteed by radiator and floor heating, AHU and air conditioners. For each AHU there is an ability to control all of its parameters - from the condition of the each valve to the parameters of air in ducts. Integration is made on the LON. The AHUs operate according to specific algorithms that take into account the presence of people in the room, time of day and outside temperature. All of the climate systems are integrated and controlled via an overall agreed algorithm.
Alarm Systems Alarm system is based on Siemens security (SiPass and CerberusPro). It is fully integrated into the KNX control system. The security system allows the customer to arm individual areas of the house independently. Alarm messages are automatically send to the security console and to the customer via SMS. All signals from the security system are transmitted and processed in the KNX system (fire-alarm system is integrated via ModBus, intruder alarm system and technical alarms – via OPC). If any smoke is detected multiroom system plays a warning message.
Technical Surveillance Leakage detecting system is integrated into security system. Each bathroom has an independent valve that allows to stop the water supply in it.
Energy Management In the electricity system there are 10 monitoring points of power consumption and electricity quality. Power supply system includes 2 diesel generators and a UPS. The applied solution provides anuninterrupted power supply to the house in any emergency situations. Management of diesel generators and control of fuel level in tank are provided by the KNX system. One of the generators has a function of power back-up. The second one is used for power supply of the SPA in peak periods.
Smart Metering All parameters of the boiler plant (three Viessmann boilers) as well as parameters of the Grundfoss downhole pump are read by the system and displayed on main control panel and iPads. At the same time a metering of electricity, water and fuel is provided. The level of fuel in the tank and the level of groundwater are monitored as well. The integration is based on LON and ModBus protocols.
Audio / Video Multiroom system consists of 20 audio zones which plays music from the server or Internet and also via AirPlay. All zones are controlled with tablets and KNX switches. Integration is made via KNX-IP. Home theater is fully controlled from the iPad via TCP/IP.
Visualization We developed 3 user interfaces different in appearance and functioning according to their purpose. They were created on the basis of Russian software iRidium. They are: - interactive interface for iPad with photos of the rooms showing the status of lighting, curtains and shutters, current climate parameters. Includes an interface for home theatre - interface for Windows-based PCs for staff - technical interface. Displays statuses and has an ability to manage all equipment in the smart home. Interactive and technical interfaces are loaded to all tablets and the customer decides which one to use.
Interfaces with other systems Swimming pool (made by OSPA) is also integrated into the “smart home”. Its control system passes all the data to the KNX system. In case of failure staff will be informed via notification on PC control point. Humidity control in the pool is provided by a special humidity sensor that was designed by our company specially for this project. It is based on Busch-Prion switch.
Remote Surveillance/Control Remote control is realized via the VPN with interfaces mentioned above. The control system also remotely monitors another equipment: uninterruptible power supplies Newave by ABB (80kVA – reserves the whole house) and Eaton 9130 (4pcs 3kVA each – reserve home theater equipment), home theater equipment, LAN switches and WiFi access points. The mentioned equipment is integrated via specially developed software.
Other applications A special system of control and management of drainage pumps was organized. It is done because the basement level is lower than the level of the river nearby. The KNX system continuously monitors groundwater level and controls two pumps (primary and backup) to provide a proper water level. To prevent the formation of ice on the roof anti-icing system was created. This system is divided into 8 circuits including the warm-up circuits for the diesel fuel pipes. It controls all the heating circuits by means of a special algorithm which excludes the simultaneous operation of all branches.


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