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Villa in Vienna


Type of building Single-family house
Number of KNX devices 627
Summary Single family house with separate rooms for personal and guests. The building has been constructed in a noble precinct of Vienna. Essential part of the stately home is the garden with its wonderful promenade accompanied by a hanging lawn. The building comprises basement and three floors. In the basement are located the complete technical installation and the leisure rooms. In the ground floor the areas for the guests and in the floors above the private rooms. There is no part of the building which is not monitored and controlled by KNX. The components are installed in 13 lines. Scenes and macros accompany the whole house, starting already when opening the doors (in total or separately). The elevator moves down automatically in the basement in order to pick up the landlord. Hot water production, lighting, multimedia are all automatically adapted to the needs. What exactly shall happen is defined by the owner without the need of a programmer. This way of programming runs like a red thread through the house.
Main technical highlights Each room is controlled via lighting scenarios (4-12 circuits per room, 92 circuits in the garden). The scenarios are stored in the actuators and are activated exclusively via them. Synchronization with the Gira Server and AMX (data of the scenes [1500 values just in the garden] are synchronized via IP). In case of data loss they can be read out of the actuators and rewritten again. Irrigation control for the vertical green. Each logical function can be carried out by KNX or AMX, whereby KNX monitors the AMX system and takes over the control automatically if AMX fails. LED traffic light control for the house entrance.
Benefits of KNX KNX is the backbone of this installation. All automatisms can be overridden immediately by manual interaction. As far as sensors and actuators support it, the internal functionalities of the devices are used in order to function fully independently. The automation controllers “monitor” it from above and react as required by the customer. If a controller fails, the complete KNX system is still operational without special logics. Due to the great number of available KNX devices all trades can be covered. Thus the security of investment is guaranteed.
Which functions were realised with KNX Gira: Lighting, Dali, room temperature control, alarm, irrigation Datec: Lighting (Dali Gateway) Bilton: LED Arcus EDS: Humidity control Zennio: Consumption data, binary inputs BMS: Weather Elsner: Shading, picture frames Esylux: Movement detectors RTS-Automation: Enthalpy Schüco: Windows and sliding doors Siemens Automation and Drives: Doors Siemens HVAC: Control of heating boiler and circuits Technische Alternative: Solar control Somfy: Shutters Rademacher: Blinds AMX: Media control
Lighting All available lighting control techniques have been integrated: Conventional dimming, KNX, DALI, DMX, DSI, 1-10V and 0-10V. Scenes are in general incorporated in the actuators for improvement of the performance. Every room is exclusively controlled by scenes. Feedback is simulated and during “breaks” the states are polled. Motion detectors call different scenes – freely editable by the customer – depending on the current time of the day.
Shutter control Shading control depending on the position of the sun, only Somfy shutters have been used. Changeover to night functionality - including check of the position of windows (Schüko) – with pre-programmed ventilation positions for the shutters
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning Ventilators in the wet zones are controlled depending on utilization/humidity and temperature. A central exhauster (glass dome in the staircase) interacts with the Schüko window openers in the ground floor in order to profit from the chimney effect. All parameters can be influenced dynamically by the customer. Complete integration of the air condition with the modes “turbo cooling” and “turbo heating”. Heating and solar equipment from Siemens Synco and Technischer Alternative are integrated and visualized.
Household Appliances Monitoring of household appliances by current sensors (Zennio) Besides the logging of consumption data also the kitchen ventilation is automatically controlled. Appliances can be switched off completely; related RCDs and MCBs are monitored for tripping.
Alarm Systems Gira KNX alarm control panel with 4 zones. Control via Gira Homeserver and AMX Mastercontroller. All windows, doors, gates and room doors are connected to it. Smoke detectors with monitoring for failure.
Technical Surveillance The RCDs of each partition in the distribution board are monitored. Heavy loads and special circuits are monitored individually (9x 6-fold binary inputs monitor each zone). Monitoring of AMX Controllers via IP telegram (watchdog) and automatic fallback of the automated functions to the Gira Server. Information on reset via IP to AMX Controller.
Energy Management The heat demand is covered by 2x1000L warm water buffers. Two fresh water stations have to be supplied permanently with 70°C. These are controlled in an intelligent way and depending on the demand by gas boilers and solar panels. Siemens Synco and Technische Alternative UVR1611 interoperate via KNX. All circuits, pumps, temperatures, valves and fault signals are forwarded via KNX to the GIRA Homeserver and AMX – all parameters which can be modified are also sent to both systems in order to monitor them for validity.
Smart Metering Logging of the consumption data of kitchen devices, monitoring of limit values, determination of operating hours and activation of different actions like ventilation control, load management functions.
Audio / Video More than 40 cameras are monitored, “follow me” function of cameras and opening the doors when activating the door bell (interpretation of actions and adapted switching of cameras). All audio/video functions are connected to AMX with dynamic macros when double-pressing a KNX push button. 2x central off  room off and audio/video off. TV monitors are hidden behind picture frames, which roll up the picture via KNX and let appear the TV screen. Voice output of fault signals via touch panels.
Visualization 2 visualization controllers completely independent from each other: 1x Gira Homeserver (presentation via QuadClient and free visualization for setups and adjustments) 1x AMX Master for more than 29 touch panels with access to all KNX functions.
Interfaces with other systems AMX via KNX/AMX Interface, Pool control via IP (Moxa Gateway) Door control via Siemens Logo KNX Gateway Cameras via IP + in addition by binary inputs in case of power failure Privacy Glass (dimmable glass) 3xSchüco Window controller Canbus-KNX Controller "Technische Alternative" DALI Gateways from Gira and Datec DMX via Bab-Tec Heating via Siemens Synco
Remote Surveillance/Control Remote access to all system controllers via VPN including remote maintenance by ETS. Programming is mostly done by remote maintenance. 2 programmers (1x Lower Austria, 1x Switzerland) carry out works for the system once a week.
Other applications Prayer times are programmed for the different Koran Schools. Vertical green (hanging lawn) with activation of valves accurately to the second and possibility of adjustment for the gardener via visualization. Since the conversion to KNX the walls are finally green. No other automatic irrigation controller could fulfil the requirements. Traffic light system via LEDs in the entrance driveway, controlled by the motion detection function of the cameras “Who is the boss” function. Logic functions for 530 work sheets. “KNX is boss” or “AMX is boss” with monitoring of AMX and automatic fall back on KNX!


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